Rocky Family


A slippery, streamlined body on a 1950’s rear engine layout with vents for brake cooling and engine intake. Rear lights / “vortex generators” complete the design concept with vintage “Moonie” wheels. ROCKY Jet takes its name from the aerodynamic world it is inspired by.  Rocky Jet is the first of our cars to be released.

Signal Red, 30.5 cms long (12″), 550 g (20 oz)


A tough, front engine layout from the 1970’s with a “negative” back window, low rear deck line and “buttress” rear quarters – NASA style recessed engine air intake completes this very strong design. Wheels are period “5 spoke mags”. ROCKY Star is named for Hollywood – home of the stars.

Process Blue, 30.5 cms long (12″), 550 grams / 20 oz


 An uncompromising, mid-engine sports racer from the 1980’s. A study in aerodynamic devices – air intakes, fairings and engine bay exhaust vents populate this interesting design. Multi spoke wheels complete the car’s “flat out” nature. ROCKY Racer – named for the race track.

Infrastructure Yellow, 30.5 cms long (12″), 500 grams / 17 oz


ROCKY Fox is a svelte and stylish front engine – rear transmission compact sports tourer with an “area ruled” profile and tail fins from the 1960’s. The low nose and engine air intake show this is a serious performance, well handling machine. Rocky Fox is like a beautiful creature rolling through the country side. Wheels are a turbine style that suggests movement even when still.

Spring Green, 30.5 cm long (12″), 550 grams (20 oz)


This 1940’s design reflects the tense nature of these early post war times. Lurking under the latest “envelope” body is massive vintage machinery – fast for its time but heavy and not very agile. ROCKY Rebel reflects these clandestine times and is the Black Sheep in the ROCKY family. The drilled hole/knock off nut wheels are a classic feature of the period.

Covert Black, 30.5 cm long (12″), 550 grams(20 oz)