Are the cars copies of actual cars?

All the Rocky cars are original one offs. They are our imagination of cars that might have been built in the period. They are not based on any particular car but you will see in them echoes of the great cars of the past. These similarities, eg sloping backs, come about because these are the best functional solution.

Why are they so plain and simple and why is there no detail?

We want to emphasise the basic shape and form of the cars to show the essence of the ideas behind the designs, without having lots of unnecessary detail that will dilute the form.

Are the cars mechanised?

No – the cars are designed to roll well but be a simple as possible in the interest of long life and no fuss

Are the cars available in other colours and is there a choice of wheels?

Initially the cars will be as shown – ie in the colour and with the wheel designs as in the pictures

Will the tyres mark the floor or table top?

The rubber tyres will not mark surfaces.

How can I clean the cars?

The cars have a hard automotive type finish that can be washed in warm soapy water. The cars have holes to allow bath water to drain out if necessary.

When will all the cars be available?